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Cars on liftWithout the proper battery for your motor vehicle, your car may not start. We can find the right battery, install it and make sure it is correctly fitted for your automobile. The right battery gets the proper charge to all of your vehicles electrical devices.


Your brake system needs to be reliable ALL of the time. Brake systems vary from vehicle to vehicle. Henry's Automotive repairs and replaces all portions of your brake system, from front to back. Then the experts at Henry's calibrate and tune from the brake discs to making sure the correct amount of fluid is in the lines.


Car diagnosisWith technology always advancing, your vehicle has become a highly sophisticated piece of machinery. Now with all of the regulations on vehicle standards today, your vehicles computer helps monitor emissions and your fuel consumption. If you see your check engine light on, your vehicles computer is telling you something is wrong! Bring in your vehicle and our experienced technicians will help diagnose any problems.

Oil Changes

With regular oil changes, your vehicle will continue to run smoothly each time you are on the road. All vehicles are different and choosing the right type of oil makes a big difference in performance and fuel economy. All other fluids will be checked and topped off if needed when you come to Henry's Automotive.

Suspension Work

Suspension keeps your vehicle stable and smooth when driving. When a suspension system is working properly it can lead to wear and tear on your tires and other parts of your car. Our experts will inspect the following suspension system parts: Ball Joints, Control Arms, Shock Absorbers, Springs, Struts.

Tire Rotation

Tire RotationTire rotation ensures that the wear on your tires over a period of time is even on both the front and rear tires. We inspect the condition of your tires and if needed, rotate them. This gives your tires a longer life and saves you money on gas.


Your vehicle's transmission is a complicated and very important to keep healthy. There are many things that can go wrong with your transmission. Complications can arise from overheating, fluid leaks, heavy pulling and simply use over time. As soon as you feel there is an issue call today!

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Service Areas: Henry's Auto Services the Hanford, CA area and local communities including,

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